Mystery Case Files:
Escape from Ravenhearst
Collector's Edition Walkthrough


I refer to the morphing/changing object scenes as COS in this walkthrough.

There are no achievements or best times in this game, so feel free to skip puzzles that are too difficult to be fun.  Look for the "skip" button at the lower right of your screen.

Before you start, click below the user name ("Master Detective" by default) and create a nickname for yourself.  Make it a good one.

Act I

The Front Gate

The Path

The Cabin

The Manor

The Lighthouse

Wooden Chest Lock

There is no reset button in this puzzle, so read the solution before you dive in!

...Having said that, I've noticed that if you exit the game entirely (without solving the puzzle) then restart the game, you will be at the point where you first entered the lighthouse.


  • Reproduce the numbers that were etched into the book on the left table.
  • Click the gray +/− buttons to change the numbers.
  • Buttons on the right and left affect a row of numbers, those on the top and bottom affect a column of numbers, and those in the corners affect a diagonal line of numbers.
  • Note:  The solution is random, but the numbers on the lock are always  4 8 3 1.

Solution - from starting state

  • In any order, click the top right corner minus (−) button 3x, the minus (−) button below it 4x, and the left column plus (+) button 1x.
  • This will put the grid at 1 1 1 1.
  • If something other than 1 1 1 1 was etched into your book, then click the row (or column) buttons (but not both) until your solution is correct.

Solution - from any state

The First Three Digits

Start with the left column.  Ignore what happens in the right column.

Use the horizontal (row) buttons to get the left column to the correct digits.

Now for the right column...

Start with the number on the bottom. Use one of the right column (vertical) buttons to get it to the correct digit.

The Fourth Digit

Now for the last digit, the upper right digit.

If you need to increase the final digit, click in any order:  the left column minus (-) button once, the top row plus (+) button once, and the left bottom corner plus (+) button once.

Repeat until your solution is correct.

If you need to decrease the final digit, click in any order:  the left column plus (+) button once, the top row minus (-) button once, and the top right corner minus (-) button once.

Repeat until your solution is correct.

Note that these steps increase/decrease the final digit by two each time.  It's not technically possible to get the puzzle to a state where you need to increase/decrease the final digit by one....

When done correctly, the chest opens.

Lighthouse Hatch Puzzle

The letters etched into the wall of the stairwell tell us we need to enter N W S NW.

From the compass on the floor, we know that West is 8.

From the map on the wall, we know that North is 2, South is 6, and Northwest is 15.

We need to enter 2 8 6 15. Click on the numbers in any order.

Click the lever on the left.

Fuse Box Puzzle

The red book page (from the wooden chest in the lighthouse) tells us we need to reset the code to 5 3 7 4.

Click the green lever at the right to move the numbers from top to bottom.

As you might expect, the little "+" buttons add one to the number, the "" buttons subtract one, and the circular arrows turn the number clockwise or counterclockwise.

Unfortunately, the starting numbers are random. The starting state of the little round buttons is also random.

Shown below are the paths the numbers take from top to bottom.

Work on one number at a time.

Take note of how the missing buttons change the numbers. In my experience, the effect is not random. The one at the upper left adds one, the one at the upper right subtracts one, and the one at the bottom turns the number clockwise.

Again, your goal is to have the numbers 5 3 7 4 at the bottom of the screen.

If you just can't get it (or you're sick of trying), then click to skip the puzzle.  I promise I won't tell...

Lighthouse Puzzle

Use the numbers from Edmond Last's tombstone to restore power to the light.

Recall that the numbers from Last's tombstone are random. If you didn't write them down, you must go back to the cemetery behind the manor and get them!

The scrap of paper from the brick on the floor of the manor tell us that 1 is right, 2 is down, 3 is left, and 4 is up.

Click the arrows that correspond to the numbers on Last's tomb in order.