Mystery Case Files:
Escape from Ravenhearst
Collector's Edition Walkthrough

Act VI - Finale

Victor's Toolbox Puzzle

Stage 1

Place the three V KEYS in the circular holes around the central grid.

If you're missing a V KEY, here are their locations:

  • Manor - fireplace in burned out room, after completing COS
  • Momma's house - inside apple pie in kitchen
  • Love Tunnel - in the pile of rubble behind the violin player

Notice the Vs scratched into the box at the left of the closeup.  Your goal is to turn all the Vs right-side up.

In any order, click the right button 2x, the bottom button 3x, and the left button 2x.

Note:  If you need to reset the puzzle at this stage, you can exit the game entirely and then restart it.

Stage 2

Your goal is to move each numbered disc from its current location to any other empty (black) spot on the grid.  Sounds easy, but the grid is a bit crowded.

Handicap:  The number on each disc indicates how many places it can move (in any direction).

Click on a disc, and available empty spots will light up in blue.

Click the button on the top left to reset the puzzle.

One solution is shown below.

Rose's Room

Emma's Room

The Twins' Room

The Empty Room

Final Puzzle

Enter the sequences shown by Rose, Emma, and the twins' eyes.  The sequences are:

  • Up, Down, Up,  Up, Down, Up
  • 3 5 2
  • Right, Right, Left,  Left, Right, Left