Mystery Case Files:
Escape from Ravenhearst
Collector's Edition Walkthrough

Act III - Dalimar House

Momma's Door Puzzle

The goal is to trace a path around the grid so that each square is visited once.

Your handicap is that you must click the suits in order:  ♦   ♣   ♥   ♠.

Click the brown switch on the right to reset the puzzle.

Bathroom Door Puzzle

Note the four scraps of paper in the corners.  Your goal is to reproduce all those numbers in the grid of dice.

Click a die to rotate it.

When a string of numbers matches a number on a slip of paper, it will be highlighted in yellow.

Note:  Numbers highlighted in yellow at the start of the puzzle are NOT necessarily correct!

At the left of the grid, there are two intersecting 6-digit numbers.  Find the vertical number first.

Examine the number list, looking for a number whose 4th digit might be the 1st digit of another.

  • 341232 - nope, there is no 6-digit number that starts with 2.
  • 532133 - nope, there is no 6-digit number that starts with 1.
  • 316142 - nope, there is no 6-digit number that starts with 1.
  • 540521

The vertical number is 540521.  So, the horizontal number must start with 5.

The only other 6-digit number that starts with 5 is 532133, so it must be the horizontal number.

Now work on the intersecting 6-digit numbers at the right of the grid.

There are only two 6-digit numbers left to place, and they both end with 2, so the common digit is 2.

Only one 6-digit number has a 4th digit of 2:  341232, so it must be the vertical number.

That leaves 316142 as the horizontal number.

Now that you've conquered the 6-digit numbers, work on the rest in the same way.  If you find there is more than one possible number to place in a particular spot, skip it and move on to a spot where there is a definite solution.

Eventually you will solve the puzzle.  Good Luck!  ...Below is the solution if you need it.

Sparky's Food Puzzle

Place Sparky's Food cans in the order shown in the magazine on the coffee table in the Hospital.

If you missed a can, here are the locations:

  • Beef - already in place for you
  • Chicken - stove in kitchen, after completing COS
  • Pork - pantry, after completing COS
  • Liver - upstairs hallway, table on left
  • Fish - secret area under stairs

Place the cans from left to right:  BEEF, CHICKEN, PORK, LIVER, FISH.

Click the switch at the bottom left of the closeup.

Madman Door Tokens