Mystery Case Files:
Escape from Ravenhearst
Collector's Edition Walkthrough

Act IV - The Asylum

MoRe RaIn Puzzle

Your goal is to get the drawer open by entering the correct numbers using the white dials.

The clue is on the yellow sticky note: MoRe RaIn.  The letters refer to chemical elements.

Conveniently, the book on the floor contains a periodic table of elements. It shows the atomic number of MO = 42, RE = 75, RA = 88, and IN = 49.

By clicking on the white dials, set the numbers to 42,  75,  88,  49.

Asylum Door Puzzle

This puzzle has four stages...but if you really want to, you can skip the first 3 and complete Stage 4 to open the door.

Stage 1

Click on the three butterflies to get them flying around.  Click on the silver button to activate the butterfly net.  You must catch all three butterflies in the net.

You might have to watch their flight patterns for a while before you get it right.

If it helps, below are the exact moments when I clicked the net button and caught the butterflies.  Each was heading towards the net at the time.

When you catch all three, a paper doll holding a red 9 pops up on the lower left.

Stage 2

Click the letters shown on the left, in order, using the spades on the playing card on the right.

Your handicap is that the card flips each time you click on an incorrect letter.

The letters are in random spots each time you play.  But, they don't change mid-puzzle.  So, you can click on them repeatedly and make yourself a little chart to help.

Click on E, G, I, J, L, N, O, and Q in order.

When done, the card flips and contains a green 3 in the middle.

Stage 3

Click on the green button to open a drawer containing a chess piece, the knight.  Your goal is to move the knight around the board and turn on all the lights.

The knight moves in an L-shaped pattern; that is,

  • 2 right/left then 1 up/down,
  • 1 right/left then 2 up/down,
  • 2 up/down then 1 right/left,
  • or 1 up/down then 2 right/left.

Stage 3 Solution

Number the columns from A to F and the rows from 1 to 4.

From the start position at C2, move to:

  • A1,  B3,  C1,  A2,  B4,  D3,
  • B2,  A4,  C3,  B1,  A3,  C4,
  • E3,  D1,  F2,  E4,  D2,  F1,
  • D2,  F3,  D4,  E2,  F4,  D3,
  • E1,  D3,  E1,  F3,  D2,  F3,  E1.

When done correctly, the drawer closes revealing a card with a blue 5.

Stage 4

Your goal is to place each colored ring-on-a-chain over the correct number on one of the rulers.

The green ring goes over 3, the blue over 5, and the red over 9.

The doll's arms move the rings up and down, and the lever on the lower right moves the rulers.  Drag the doll's lower arms down to lower the rings.  Drag the upper arms up to raise the rings.  Drag the lever around in a circle to move the rulers.

The switches below the doll's arms control which ring and ruler will move.  The switch on the left controls the rings, and the right controls the rulers.

Shown below is the correct position of the rings and rulers.

Proposal Door Tokens

This set of tokens requires some work to make the scene match the token.

  • Momma's House:  Turn the dial on the Spank-a-Tronic to III.
  • Momma's House:  Turn the short hand on the cuckoo clock to 5 and the long hand to 7.
  • Asylum Security Room:  Click the round moniter button (in closeup) 2x.
  • Hospital Delivery Room:  Set the "D" slider on the DNA panel to the very bottom so the leftmost gauge will be at 12.