Mystery Case Files:
Escape from Ravenhearst
Collector's Edition Walkthrough

Act II - The Hub

Act II - Blackpool Temperance Hospital

Hospital Door Puzzle

Charles said he'd hate for us to miss visiting hour.

The sign on the left said "Visitation hours begin at 2."

Turn the hands of the clocks to reproduce the 2.

Low Lights Puzzle

Click on the twenty hidden objects.

Eyeball Puzzle

This is a memory test, where you click on the new eyeball in each scene. You start with one eyeball, and end with twelve.

If you make a mistake, the test ends, and you start over with one eyeball.  The sequence will be different as well.

This puzzle is random...and it can be difficult.

The best help I can give is to memorize the picture below, as it contains the 12 eyeballs you will have to click on during this test.  Use eye color and placement as pneumonic aids (e.g., green eye top left, violet eye bottom right, etc.).

Note that there are 4 eyeballs in the upper right section, 3 in the lower left, 2 each in the upper left and lower right corners, and 1 in the middle.

It may help you to close your own eyes while the door closes and reopens in between stages.

You can also take screenshots during the test, if you're up for a bit of Alt+Tabbing, copying/pasting, and extra clicking.

Good Luck!  Remember to skip the puzzle if it's just too frustrating.

Patient Chest Puzzle

Your goal is to click the round numbers until each square of 4-digits adds up to the number in the middle.

The square digits cannot be changed.

There are 5 possible solutions.  Pick your favorite.

Eye Chart Puzzle

Put the heights from the toe-tags in the morgue in order of "number of the deceased" from 1 to 5.

These numbers are random! Mine were 1 = 5'1",  2 = 4'6",  3 = 8'2",  4 = 5'6",  5 = 8'1".

Find the letter on the eye chart that corresponds to the height on each toe-tag. The first digit is the row, the second, the letter (reading from left to right).

Example: If the height is 5'1", look at row 5, 1st letter:

Example: If the height is 8'2", look at row 8, 2nd letter:

Note that the eye chart reads "How does it feel to be me you little fly"

When done correctly, you have the 5-letter code word that will open the door to the Maternity Ward.

The Maternity Ward

Pregnant Bellies Puzzle

Click on a belly to raise it. Click again, and the belly lowers, but the belly to the right raises. Hm, nasty trick!

Number the bellies from left (front) to right (back) as 1 to 6.

From the starting position (all flat bellies), click twice on #5, then twice on #4, twice on #3, twice on #2, and twice on #1.

Click the arm/hand of the #1 mannequin to raise her belly.

You can also skip this puzzle if you wish.

DNA Puzzle

Your goal is to set the gauges below the bed to the numbers indicated by the mannequin's notebook.  You control the gauges with the sliders on the "DNA" control panel.

"D" controls the left gauge, "N", the middle, and "A", the right.

Zoom in on the DNA control panel, note the position of the sliders, then zoom in on the gauges below the bed.  Return to the DNA panel, and adjust accordingly.

The numbers are random, so I can't give you a specific solution.  You will probably have to fiddle with the sliders a few times before you get it right.

Below are some major points on the sliders.

Good Luck, and remember that you can always skip the puzzle.

Umbilical Cord Puzzle

Click on the baby's mouth to start the puzzle.  Your goal is to cut the umbilical cord wires.

Use the WIRE CUTTERS to cut each wire, but only when the corresponding color appears in the baby's eyes.

If you cut the wrong wire, the baby will explode.  If the baby explodes, simply click the green button for a new one.

Don't worry about being quick.  You can wait until the correct color cycles around again to cut.

You may want to start with the blue wire, as it can be difficult to hit the correct spot at the edge of the closeup window.

Good Luck!

Stork Door Tokens