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Note:  I bought several items before I understood spoken Selenite, and the dignitary did not rip me off - the prices were the same as after I understood Selenite.

Item Sold
Items Sold
Azotic acid3520n/a
Barbicane's hat8070n/a
Belbaab conch200190n/a
Blue fruit20102
Blue ore504010
Blue retrorocket - loaded5040n/a
Blue retrorocket - spent3020n/a
Blue seedling504010
Blue/grape hybrid seedling170160n/a
Blue/red hybrid seedling12011020
Blue/yellow hybrid seedling12011020
Bolts (actually nuts)605010
Brozludjak's oxygenizing preparation17016040
Brozlyss concentrate706015
Burnt paper21n/a
Bust of Supreme Ruler - broken - empty120110n/a
Bust of Supreme Ruler - broken - with salt120110n/a
Bust of Supreme Ruler - glued - empty190180n/a
Bust of Supreme Ruler - glued - with salt190180n/a
Bust of Supreme Ruler - smashed - empty9080n/a
Can of food - opened605015
Can of food - unopened605015
Can opener - broken4030n/a
Can opener - not broken504010
Chlorate of potash504010
Chlorine (in globe)40305
Cogged cylinder1009020
Colored gear15014020
Colored gear - reversed18017050
Compote - blue/grapes - cooked7060n/a
Compote - blue/grapes - uncooked7060n/a
Compote - blue/red - cooked7060n/a
Compote - blue/red - uncooked5040n/a
Compote - blue/yellow - cooked7060n/a
Compote - blue/yellow - uncooked5040n/a
Compote - green/purple - cooked7060n/a
Compote - green/purple - uncooked5040n/a
Compote - green/yellow - cooked7060n/a
Compote - green/yellow - uncooked5040n/a
Compote - red/purple - cooked7060n/a
Compote - red/purple - uncooked5040n/a
Compote - revolting - cooked105n/a
Compote - revolting - uncooked5040n/a
Control box to parabolic mirror200190n/a
Corroded parts52n/a
Crushing roller35034085
Dead branch21n/a
Empty can (looks like a gascan)3020n/a
Essence of Klipsaggt - 1 measure9080n/a
Essence of Klipsaggt - 2 measures9080n/a
Essence of Klipsaggt - 3 measures9080n/a
Essence of Klipsaggt - 4 measures9080n/a
Explosive powder from barrel5040n/a
Explosive powder from rifle shells5040n/a
Flute - damaged6050n/a
Glass - empty2010n/a
Glass - with water2010n/a
Glass - with wine3020n/a
Gold necklace31n/a
Green fruit20102
Green seedling504010
Green/purple hybrid seedling12011020
Green/yellow hybrid seedling12011020
Iron bar12011020
Klipsgaal's isotopes 1009020
Klipsgaal's light isotope20019030
Klipso's lightening paint - dry440430n/a
Klipso's lightening paint - liquidn/a440n/a
Leakproof globe - empty30205
Long strap5040n/a
Lunar cotton908020
Lunar reeds504010
Lunar tool6050n/a
Mechanical arm - damaged10040n/a
Mechanical arm - undamaged400390n/a
Mechanical elbow403020
Mechanical forearm9030n/a
Mechanical hand403020
Mechanical upper arm9030n/a
Metal box from earth containing a can opener807015
Metal box from earth containing a knife605010
Metal box from earth containing a protective shield908020
Metal box from earth containing a wrench706015
Metal box from earth containing an oilcan28027065
Metal box from earth containing bolts807015
Metal box from earth containing chlorate of potash908020
Metal box from earth containing potassium30205
Metal box from earth containing sodium chloride23022055
Mushroom (in globe)40305
Painting - Empty Niche500490n/a
Painting - Macabre Horizon500490n/a
Painting - Perspective of Exile500490n/a
Painting - Puréed Fruit500490n/a
Painting - Souvenir of a Pilgrimage500490n/a
Painting - The Call of the Flock500490n/a
Painting from Secret Level - cleaned
  "Lumenplay in a Grotto"
Painting from Secret Level - uncleaned
  "The Tunnel of Communication"
Parabolic mirror - broken3020n/a
Parabolic mirror - glued5040n/a
Pot (frying pan)5040n/a
Potted earth plant9080n/a
Protective aluminum cover - bent8070n/a
Protective aluminum cover - not bent807015
Prulmis's explosive mixture25024030
Prultuuk's crystalline powder20019030
Purple fruit20102
Purple seedling504010
Raffia - earth605010
Raffia - lunar30205
Red fruit20102
Red retrorocket - loaded5040n/a
Red retrorocket - spent3020n/a
Red seedling504010
Red/purple hybrid seedling12011020
Rifle shells6050n/a
Sacred artificial jaw of Selenos the First29472937n/a
Short strap4030n/a
Short strap + long strap ("straps in a loop")11090n/a
Viscous substance807015
Xuldakir's Star540530100
Xulmi's crystalline powder20019030
Yellow fruit20102
Yellow seedling504010
Yrsagtt concentrate18017030
Yrshnouff's gluance19018060
Zubdssik's greasy amalgam29028040
Zubroo concentrate18017030

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