Lunar IQ Point List

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-30Touch the bust of the Supreme Ruler (it falls and breaks)
5Make Brozlyss concentrate (put purple fruit in purifier)
5Make Klipsgaal's isotopes (put purple plant in purifier)
5Make Prultuuk's crystalline powder (put red/purple hybrid seedling in purifier)
5Make Xulmi's crystalline powder (put green/purple hybrid seedling in purifier)
5Make Yrsagtt concentrate (put green/purple fruit compote in purifier)
5Make Zubroo concentrate (put red/purple fruit compote in purifier)
5Open metal box containing item requested from earth with parabolic mirror.
(Note: If you request two of the same item you will get points only for opening the first. If you request two different items (other than earth plants), you will get 5 points for opening each...but then you forfeit 10 points for getting lunar cotton.)
10Answer Scurvy the Insomniac's first set of questions without error
10Answer Scurvy the Insomniac's second set of questions without error
10Assemble a working mechanical arm
10Burn a plant (or dead branch, or raffia) to get potassium
10Clean painting found in lowest level of mountain complex with lunar cotton + Essence of Klipsaggt
10Crossbreed compatible plants - 2 points each
10Crossbreed incompatible plants - 2 points each
10Disassemble the damaged mechanical arm with the lunar tool
10Fix the flute from the human's sarcophagus with blue lunar reeds + glue
10Free the capsule from the rock it's wedged against (with the iron bar or shotgun)
10Glue broken can opener back together
10Make a crushing roller (ax + cogged cylinder + colored gear)
10Make guncotton (Lunar cotton + Azotic Acid)
10Make Xuldakir's Star (salt + Xulmi's crystalline powder)
10Make Yrshnouff's gluance (Yrsagtt concentrate + viscous secretion)
10Plant the earth grapevine/lunar blue plant hybrid in the soil at the base of the collapsed staircase
10Put bent protective window cover under piston of machine in observatory
10Put Klipso's Lightening Paint on space capsule
10Shrink yourself by putting Xuldakir's star in the machine on the lowest level of the mountain complex (the "Hall of Secret Antiquities") *v.1.04 has a bug that allows you to gain 10 points each time you repeat this
10Take at least one bunch of lunar cotton
(Use parabolic mirror to request earth plants, then go pick them up in the red/blue forest)
10Use glue on broken parabolic mirror
10Use glue on the smashed bust of the Supreme Ruler (make sure you smash the broken bust with a heavy tool to get salt first)
10Verify that organ works by hitting a note
12Make fruit compotes - 2 points each (yellow/blue, green/yellow, green/purple, blue/red, red/purple, blue/lunar grapes)
15Use fruit compote to calm down wild Selenites - 5 points each (yellow/blue, green/purple, red/purple)
202nd exit from necropolis
20Catch exploding mushroom and put in globe
20Get at least one lunar creature underground by playing the organ
20Grease the scale by the organ and move the pointer
20Identify Klipsgaal's light isotope in 2 weighing operations (no points for 3 or more operations)
20Make Brozludjak's oxygenizing preparation (lumen + Brozlyss concentrate + blue fruit)
20Make chlorate of potash (potassium + chlorine gas)
20Make Klipso's Lightening Paint (blue fruit + light isotope + 3 doses Essence of Klipsaggt)
20Make Prulmis's explosive mixture (exploding mushroom + Prultuuk's crystalline powder)
20Make Zubdssik's greasy amalgam (Zubroo concentrate + viscous secretion)
20Open control box to launch chamber
20Open control panels to water pipes that feed the organ (the sudoku-type panels) - 10 points each
20Open drawer holding control box for parabolic mirror
20Solve the investigation (1 point for each of the first 15 tiles + 5 for solving and seeing the 16th tile)
20Solve the water puzzle on the crater to open the salt panel
20Take an item from the lumen production room (put yellow/green compote in food supply first)
20Unplug the Belbaab conch with Azotic Acid
30Get machine in observatory working (this involves several steps)
30Open control box to purifier room
30Put the glued bust of the Supreme Ruler back in its niche
30Third exit from necropolis
40Fourth exit from necropolis
40Return the wild Selenites to the forest by playing the organ
40Spoken language test - several possible scenarios
42Decipher ideograms - 2 points each
60Scare plants with seedlings - 5 points each
(10 plants in the forest that require hybrids + 2 plants near the capsule that require only single seedlings)
75Unaccounted for starting IQ
1019Total Possible Points   (**The in-game display stops at 999**)

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