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Created by:  Kheops Studio
Published by:  The Adventure CompanyTM
Alternate Titles:  Jules Verne's Voyage, Journey to the Moon, Journey to the Center of the Moon
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I had never heard of Voyage when I found it in a bin at a discount store for $6.00. I was already predisposed to loving it at that price! Unfortunately, the other four games I bought from that bargain bin were just awful - wouldn't install, wouldn't run, or had an interface so clumsy, I never got past the first ten minutes of gameplay. Voyage, on the other hand, came through for me - wonderful graphics, amusing storyline, immersive experience, fun - and became one of my all-time favorite games; no small accomplishment for a point-and-click adventure game.

The story is based "heavily" on Jules Verne's novel of the same name. I haven't read it, so I can't draw any comparisons. But the story is basically this: You wake up in a some kind of metal room suffering from amnesia. You quickly discover that you're in outer space...and your companions are dead. Solving the mystery of what happened and how you got there is only the first part of the game. The rest is just chock full of your adventures on the moon.

When I decided to write this review, I did some research reading other reviews of Voyage. I'm sorry to say, its general grade is from low B to low C. So, in the interest of fairness, I will outline some if its faults. It can be a tedious game. If you're not in a "put everything in order" kind of mood, you won't enjoy the experience so much. If you hate inventory-heavy games, you'll probably hate Voyage. There is also a bit of "go here and pick item up, then go there to assemble it, then go back to use it" action, but not nearly as much as other games I've played (most notably, Syberia, Amerzone, and Journey to the Center of the Earth). There's absolutely nothing scary - this is not a horror mystery. Nor is there a single combat scene.

Instead, what there is is old-fashioned dialog with interesting characters, lots of color combinations (which appeal to me at some basic level), really nice graphics, and generally good adventure. There are many actions not necessary to game completion, and discovering those give it a high replay value. There's no pixel-hunting, and there's not one single annoying maze.

So, play this game when you feel calm. Play when you feel like tidying things up, but don't actually want to tackle your room/apartment/house. Play when you want a pure adventure without having to make hotel reservations or get malaria shots. Find the right time and, by all means, play Voyage!

You can buy Voyage as a download directly from Kheops Studio's web shop, or search the internet for the boxed version (and pay a lot more than $6).

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