Wedding Dash 1 - Level 4.7
Expert Walkthrough

Wedding Plans

Gerbera Daisies
Asian Asparagus / Spinach Quiche
Fettucine Alfredo


Goal:  $8000
Expert Goal:  $10500


Speedier Quinn

Guest List

  1. Chuck [Bell Table]
  2. Diane [Bell Table]
  3. Chuck [Bell Table]
  4. Diane [Bell Table]
  5. Chuck [Bell Table]
  6. Diane [Bell Table]
  7. ...
  8. Allison [Dove Table]
  9. Betty [Allison]
  10. Derek [Flower Table]
  11. Betty [Derek]
  12. ...
  13. Ethel [Derek]
  1. Ernie [Ethel]
  2. ...
  3. Chloe [Heart Table]
  4. Allison [Derek]
  5. ...
  6. Al [Chloe]
  7. Diane [Chloe]
  8. ...
  9. Chuck [Heart Table]
  10. Diane [Heart Table]
  11. Betty [Derek]
  12. Derek [No Bell Table]

Table Setup


Group 1 Group 2

(Feel free to start seating Group 2 while you serve the Chucks. Just don't take their gifts, or you will break both the food chain and the gift chain!)

Leave Chloe seated until seating Al [Chloe] and Diane [Chloe] with Group 3.

If you need to, leave Derek seated at the Flower Table until seating Allison [Derek] with Group 3. (There will be another Derek in Group 3, but Allison may be getting irate.)

Group 3

Seat Chuck [Heart Table] in the middle of the Heart Table, serve him, and get rid of him. Replace with Diane [Heart Table].

Note:  The game likes to give me at least one reseat request I can't fill in this Group... if this happens to you, then it's your choice: Pick up the offending guest and drop him/her right back down to get rid of the request, or ignore the request until you can fill it (which may not be until everyone else has been served cake).

My Best Final Score


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