Wedding Dash 1 - Level 4.6
Expert Walkthrough

Wedding Plans

Tower Callas
Lemon Chiffon
San Francisco


Goal:  $9200
Expert Goal:  $13000

Guest List

  1. Al [Heart Table]
  2. Betty [Al]
  3. Allison [Dove Table]
  4. Ernie [Allison]
  5. Ethel [Allison]
  6. ...
  7. Derek [Al]
  8. Diane [Derek]
  9. Ernie [Ethel]
  10. Bob [No Ernie]
  11. Betty [Bell Table]
  12. ...
  13. Bob [No Betty]
  14. Chloe [No Betty]
  15. ...
  16. Chuck [Ethel]
  1. Chuck [Heart Table]
  2. ...
  3. Chuck [Chloe]
  4. Chuck [Chloe]
  5. ...
  6. Chuck [Bell Table]
  7. Bob [No Chuck]
  8. ...
  9. Al [Heart Table]
  10. Chloe [Al]
  11. Bob [Dove Table]
  12. Al [Bob]
  13. ...
  14. Chuck [Chloe]
  15. ...
  16. Chuck [Chloe]

Table Setup


I've tried several different configurations for this level. The one shown below seems to work best for me every time.

Group 1 Group 2

Leave Ethel seated at the Dove Table until seating Chuck [Ethel] with Group 2.

Leave Chloe seated at the Bell Table until seating both Chuck [Chloe]s (#15 and #16 in the Guest List) with Group 2.

Leave Chloe seated at the Heart Table until seating both Chuck [Chloe]s (the last two guests).

Note: No matter what configuration I use, the game likes to give me a reseat request I can't fill sometime during this Group! If this happens to you, simply pick up the offending guest and drop him back in his seat. This will remove the reseat request (and leave your food chain bonus intact).

Group 3

My Best Final Score


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