Wedding Dash 1 - Level 4.5
Expert Walkthrough

Wedding Plans

Sauteed Asparagus
Vegetable Stir Fry
Romantic Marble Cake


Goal:  $10000
Expert Goal:  $13500


Speedier Waitress

Guest List

  1. Chuck [Flower Table]
  2. Allison [Bob]
  3. Bob [Heart Table]
  4. ...
  5. Chuck [Bob]
  6. Bob [Chuck]
  7. Bob [No Allison]
  8. ...
  9. Chuck [No Allison]
  10. Allison [Heart Table]
  11. Bob [Chuck]
  12. Allison [Bob]
  13. ...
  14. Bob [Chuck]
  15. Chuck [Flower Table]
  16. Allison [Heart Table]
  1. Bob [No Allison]
  2. ...
  3. Chuck [Heart Table]
  4. Bob [Chuck]
  5. Allison [Chuck]
  6. ...
  7. Allison [Flower Table]
  8. Bob [No Allison]
  9. ...
  10. Bob [Chuck]
  11. Chuck [Heart Table]
  12. Allison [Bob]
  13. ...
  14. Chuck [No Allison]
  15. Allison [Bob]

Table Setup


The key to scoring the maximum in this level is to fill those reseat requests! Unfortunately, they seem to be fairly random, so I can't give specifics. But, I've tried to leave enough empty seats to fill all of them.

Group 1 Group 2

Some tips:

  • As soon as the first group arrives, select Chuck and hold him for a while to suspend his anger timer.
  • Take gifts when you must (to avoid anger), but ignore reseat requests until all guests are seated. (Otherwise, this walkthrough may not be very useful for you.)
  • If you (like me) haven't upgraded to comfier seats, the confetti blaster will be your best friend!
  • You might want to use your one and only bottle of champagne right before serving cake to Group 1.
  • You will lose some points due to anger in this level, but you will also achieve the expert score!

My Best Final Score


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