Wedding Dash 1 - Level 5.9
Expert Walkthrough

Wedding Plans

Sauteed Asparagus
Ginger Salmon


Goal:  $19000
Expert Goal:  $23000


Faster Chef

Guest List

  1. Chuck [No Chuck]
  2. Chloe [Dove Table]
  3. Chuck [Chloe]
  4. Chuck [No Chloe]
  5. Chloe [Bell Table]
  6. Chuck [Chuck]
  7. Chuck [No Chuck]
  8. ...
  9. Chloe [Ring Table]
  10. Chuck [No Chloe]
  11. Chuck [No Chuck]
  12. Chloe [Heart Table]
  13. Chuck [Chuck]
  14. Chuck [Chloe]
  15. Chuck [Chloe]
  16. ...
  17. Chloe [No Chloe]
  18. Chloe [Heart Table]
  19. Chuck [Chloe]
  20. ...
  21. Chloe [No Chuck]
  22. Chuck [Chloe]
  23. Chuck [Chloe]
  24. Chuck [Chloe]
  25. Chloe [Bell Table]
  1. Chuck [Chuck]
  2. Chuck [Chloe]
  3. Chuck [No Chloe]
  4. Chuck [Chloe]
  5. Chuck [Chuck]
  6. ...
  7. Chuck [No Chuck]
  8. ...
  9. Chloe [Chuck]
  10. Chloe [No Chuck]
  11. Chuck [Bell Table]
  12. Chloe [Dove Table]
  13. Chuck [Chuck]
  14. Chloe [No Chuck]
  15. Chuck [No Chuck]
  16. ...
  17. Chuck [Chuck]
  18. Chloe [No Chloe]
  19. Chuck [Heart Table]
  20. Chuck [No Chloe]
  21. Chloe [Chuck]
  22. ...
  23. Chuck [Chloe]
  24. Chloe [No Chuck]

Table Setup


The second to last level of the game, and it's an amusing one! Are your fingers warmed up? You will be clicking like mad for the next several minutes...

Note that in this level, like all levels, if you get a reseat request you cannot possibly fill, then pick up the offending guest and drop him/her right back down to remove the reseat request and get on with the game.

Group 1

Seat the first 7 guests as shown. Take their gifts, but take your time!

Seat the rest of Group 1 as shown.

Group 2

Seat these 8 guests as shown. If you have time, you can begin taking gifts.

Seat the rest of Group 2 as shown. Be sure that the thought bubble of Chloe [No Chuck] (at the left of the Dove Table) is gone before seating Chuck [Chloe] next to her!

Group 3

Seat Chloe [No Chuck] (second from left of the Ring Table) before seating Chuck [Chloe] next to her.

My Best Final Score


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