Wedding Dash 1 - Level 5.6
Expert Walkthrough

Wedding Plans

Grilled Lemon Halibut
Buttercream Dream
Los Angeles


Goal:  $16500
Expert Goal:  $19000

Guest List

  1. Allison [Chloe]
  2. Chloe [Heart Table]
  3. Diane [Allison]
  4. Ethel [Diane]
  5. Betty [Allison]
  6. Diane [Chloe]
  7. Allison [No Betty]
  8. Diane [Flower Table]
  9. ...
  10. Ethel [Diane]
  11. Betty [Bell Table]
  12. Allison [Chloe]
  13. Diane [Chloe]
  14. Chloe [Allison]
  15. ...
  16. Diane [Ethel]
  17. Ethel [Diane]
  18. Allison [Diane]
  1. Betty [Heart Table]
  2. Ethel [Diane]
  3. Diane [Ethel]
  4. Allison [Bell Table]
  5. ...
  6. Chloe [Ethel]
  7. Ethel [Chloe]
  8. Diane [Chloe]
  9. Chloe [Diane]
  10. Allison [Chloe]
  11. ...
  12. Allison [Heart Table]
  13. Allison [No Diane]
  14. Chloe [Allison]
  15. ...
  16. Chloe [Diane]
  17. Diane [Chloe]
  18. Allison [Heart Table]

Table Setup


Once again in this level, if you encounter a reseat request you can't fill, simply pick up the offending guest and drop him/her right back into his/her seat. This will get rid of the reseat request without costing you time or points.

Group 1 Group 2

Seat Allison [No Betty] at the Bell Table and wait for her thought bubble to disappear before seating Betty next to her.

Note: Seat the first Allison [Chloe] to arrive at the Heart Table, and the second, at the Bell Table.

Also, try not to use champagne too quickly. You will probably need both bottles for Group 3, since they arrive while Group 2 is still being seated!

Group 3

My Best Final Score


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