Wedding Dash 1 - Level 3.2
Expert Walkthrough

Wedding Plans

Vintage Garden Roses
Ahi with Mango Salsa
Buttercream Dream /
Strawberry Delight


Goal:  $4400
Expert Goal:  $6800

Guest List

  1. Betty [Chloe]
  2. Chloe [No Allison]
  3. Betty [Allison]
  4. Allison [Heart Table]
  5. ...
  6. Derek [No Betty]
  7. ...
  8. Ernie [No Betty]
  9. ...
  10. Chloe [Derek]
  11. ...
  1. Diane [Chloe]
  2. ...
  3. Al [Chloe]
  4. Allison [Al]
  5. Chloe [Al]
  6. Ethel [No Allison]
  7. ...
  8. Al [Chloe]
  9. ...
  10. Betty [No Allison]
  11. Bob [No Betty]

Table Setup


This is a speed round! Be prepared to click fast, and don't lose your composure if you lose some points on irate guests.

Tip: Since we chose the extra point upgrade (and not the faster chef), we will be serving a lot of food one-at-a-time, rather than two-at-a-time (i.e., pick up one appetizer, serve it, pick up another appetizer, serve it, and so on).

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

Seat Derek before seating Betty [Chloe], and wait for his thought bubble to disappear before seating Betty!

Leave Derek seated until seating Chloe [Derek] in Group 2.

Leave Chloe [Al] seated until seating Al in Group 3.

Final Score

(But only after playing through dozens of times!)

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