Treasure Island
FAQ & Walkthrough

General Notes

  1. During the game, press the spacebar to see hotspots. If you don't see them, go to the "Options" menu and turn them on.
  2. In almost every single case, it doesn't matter what you choose to say in a dialog. You simply can't say the wrong thing.
  3. Even with hotspots turned on, it's easy to miss some of them. If you're stuck, you probably missed a hotspot.
  4. Left-click to walk, talk to someone, or pick up an item. Right-click to examine an object (when you see the "eye" cursor).
  5. Double-click to make Jim run. Right-click to skip dialog. (I found these especially useful.)


Chapter I

Q: I know I need water, but I can't raise the bucket at the well!
A: Go back to the cemetery, and take the sword from Benbow's grave. Use it on the well.

Q: I keep clicking on the brandy in the basement of the Benbow Inn, but I can't take it!
A: Bill Bones has to ask for it first. Give him some water, then he'll ask for it.

Q: What the heck is wrong with Jim's spine?
A: Dunno....but I noticed that the Squire has that same pelvic tilt. Perhaps Jim and Antoinette are really half-siblings?

Chapter II

Q: How do I get two pirates to join me?
A: Well, doing that is pretty much the entire chapter of the game!

Q: I know I need to grab the gleaming fish, but I can't!
A: You need to assemble three items first. Check this section of the walkthrough.

Q: I've been all over Bristol, and Long John Silver isn't here...
A: Talk to Israel Hands in the Spyglass Inn - it triggers Long John's first appearance.

Q: I keep trying to talk to Allessandro della Rocca, but the cursor keeps disappearing.
A: It disappears when he is shooting the dice, and reappears when his opponent is shooting. (It took me a while to notice it too!)

Q: I've talked to the guard about the Phantom, but the courtesans won't tell me about I can't rescue her!
A: I believe you need to talk to Allessandro della Rocca at the gambling table in the Spyglass Inn first. After that, you (supposedly) know that you need a pair of dice...and one of the courtesans has a die around her neck.

Q: In the Pirate Test - the game is giving me only wrong answers to choose from!
A: You have to walk around Bristol and read the posters first. (Annoying, isn't it?)

Q: Why can't I pick up the !!$!@!@#&! hook?
A: The game won't let you pick it up until the children ask for it. (Most annoying!)

Q: The children won't give me the pirate test!
A: Try talking to Allessandro della Rocca at the gambling table in the Spyglass Inn first.

Chapter III

Q: I opened the safe in the Captain's Cabin before I had the writing kit assembled. When I assembled the writing kit, I clicked on the safe and copied the stores list. Now I can't exit the closeup of the safe!
A: I encountered this bug as well. I had to reload a saved game.

Q: I know I need to heal Joyce, but the doctor won't help me!
A: Go and talk to Long John Silver in the galley.

Q: I've built a rat-trap, but can't find any bait!
A: It's in the galley, on top of the stove (to the right of the boiling green liquid).

Chapter V

Q: I've loaded the cannon with gunpowder and fired, and now Dr. Livesey just yells at me. I'm stuck!
A: There is an area of the blockhouse to the right of Dr. Livesey...go explore that.

Q: When I examine the rum, Jim says "I bet I know who this belongs to." Who does he mean?
A: I don't know either. Of course, I've never actually read Treasure Island...

Chapter I:  The old sailors' secret

The Cemetery

The Admiral Benbow Inn

Chapter II:  Rough customs

Find Long John Silver

Find a Pair of Dice

Pirate Test Answers

Note:  If you haven't read any of the posters around town, then the game will provide you with only wrong answers...forcing you to go around and read the posters.

Location: Just outside the archway from the children

Wanted:  Crow's Nest Bob
Real Name:  Robert O'Mally
Crime:  Cheating at illegal gambling
Characteristics:  notorious
Last seen:  In the Dancing Landlord Inn
Reward:  50 gold pieces

Location: At the harbor, left side, near the butcher.

Wanted dead or alive:  Cutlass Bill
Real Name:  William Butcher
Crimes:  Numerous raids in the harbours of Bristol (England), Montego Bay (Jamaica), and Nassau (Bahamas).
Characteristics:  Long scar on the right cheek, eye patch
Last Seen On:  Tortuga
Reward:  100 gold pieces


Location: Middle of the harbor, to the right of the man in the green shirt.

Urgently sought:  The Phantom
Real Name:  Unknown
Crimes:  Theft and destruction of private property
Characteristics:  A tattoo on the lower left arm with a coat of arms and mermaids, reading "périr en mer."
Last Seen:  Bristol, bakery

Location: Middle of the harbor, alley to the right of the man in the green shirt.

Wanted dead or alive:  Captain Flint
Real Name:  William Johnathan Flint
Crimes:  Both incitement and conduct of brutal raids on numerous ships of the English and Spanish crowns.
Characteristics:  Long sought pirate leader and captain of the Walrus
Last seen:  In Jamaican waters
Reward:  600 gold pieces
Mark of Distinction:  The blood-red pirate flag seen on his poster.

Find George Mary's Talisman

The knot hotspot
  • Now that the black cat has scared him away from the harbor, George Mary is standing where the red-coated guards used to be standing. Walk right, and click on him to talk to him. Exhaust dialogs with him.
  • Find the hotspot to the left of George Mary, just to the right of the door. Click on it to release the knot holding the hanging mirror.
  • On the ground where the mirror fell is a hotspot. Click on it to take the net into inventory.
  • Walk right, and back to the harbor. When you get there, walk left until you see the hanging cage with the skeleton in it. Click on the cage to take an iron ring into inventory.

Hire Two Crewman

Chapter III:  A storm is gathering...

Check on the Treasure Map

Heal Mr. Joyce

Obtain a Piece of Cloth

  • Exit the galley to the upper deck. Walk left and up the stairs. Talk to Antoinette until you agree to climb the rigging. (She will only dare you to do this after you've discovered the map is missing.)
  • Before you leave, take the bucket from in front of her.
  • Walk right to the bow of the ship, but don't go up the stairs to the starting point. Instead, hover the mouse over the rigging at the top of the screen until you find the spot that says "Climb the rigging." (It does not highlight with the spacebar!)
  • Click to climb the rigging. Choose anything for the dialog.
  • At the top, you automatically take a piece of the flag. Click at the bottom of the screen to return to the deck.
  • Don't bother going back to Antoinette; she lets you keep the cloth anyway.

Obtain Greens

Obtain the Stores List

Get Some Rum

Obtain Fresh Meat

Get the Healing Soup

Get the Treasure Map

Save Antoinette

Chapter IV:  Land ahoi!

The Swamp

The Clearing

The Jungle Path

The Fort

Chapter V:  Hunter and hunted

The Fort

Make a Flash Bomb

The Swamp

The Hispaniola

Chapter VI:  Piaster Piaster

  • Choose anything for the lengthy dialogs...when you finally have control of Jim, walk left and exit "to the jungle path."
  • Another maze. Oh joy. According to the drawing Jim found at the swamp camp, we need to go Left, Left, then Right.
  • Exit left. At the next screen exit left.
  • Exit left. At the next screen exit left too.
  • Exit right. At the next screen, exit towards the top left.
  • You made it. As always, choose anything for the dialogs that follow. Watch the lengthy cutscenes.
  • When the view changes to overhead and the men begin to repeat themselves, you have control of Jim. Pick up the gun from the ground in front of Squire Trelawney, and click it on the stalactite over Dr. Livesey's head.
  • After the cutscenes, exit the closeup of the amulet. Right-click on the Inca treasure to enter a closeup. Take the Inca treasure. Exit the closeup.
  • Back up top, click the Inca treasure on Long John Silver.
  • Watch the ending cutscenes.
  • Hit the spacebar to skip the credits if you like. After the credits, there's a final cutscene involving Long John Silver and the Inca treasure.   |   Game Index

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