Murder in a Wheel Walkthrough

Murder in a Wheel is a short but enjoyable AGS murder mystery game made by Renzo Thönen in 2007. You can download it at

Questions and Answers
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Who killed the hamster?

A cat

How exactly did the hamster die?

Dr. Hadley gave the hamster to a cat.

When did the hamster get killed?

The hamster has been dead for at least a day.

What leads you to this conclusion?

There are dried blood stains on Dr. Hadley's hanky.

Who brought the hamster inside the house?

Dr. Hadley

Who swapped Roderick with the dead hamster, and when did this happen?

Lady Blackwin, when she went into the study to get the manuscript.

What was the purpose of feigning Roderick's death?

It should appear as if Mrs. Winterbottom had killed the hamster.

But why all this?

Mrs. Winterbottom is a rare male cat that would've been sold to the zoo in Ankara for a lot of money.    |   Game Index

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